Tuition and Fees

It's impossible to put a price to great education. As one of the leading private schools in Kampala, we offer a flexible, competitive fee structure to put a GEMS education within easy reach.
Our fee structure is based on a number of factors including your child's year group and the resources they'll need to thrive.

  • Registration fee

    We charge a non-refundable and non-deductible registration fee of USD 500 to kick start your enrollment process.
    This one-off fee gives us the opportunity to make preparations and undertake all the administration necessary for a smooth enrollment at our private school in Kampala.
    This fee will be charged when you apply.

  • Enrollment fee

    Once we have confirmed receipt of your registration fee we can then get the ball rolling. At this point we must ask for a USD 100 admission fee to secure your child's place at our school. Again, this is a one-off, non-refundable, non-deductible fee for all parents.
    Our fees do not include:

        • Uniforms
        • Transport - This TERMLY fee is currently USD 600 round trip or USD 275 one-way. If you live in Luzira or its environs, the fee is lower.
        • Extra Curricular Activities
        • Boarding Fees
        • Special Needs Learning support if required.

    Please note: All fees are calculated in US Dollars and are inclusive of school break snack and lunch.

  • When do i pay?

    We request all school fees for our private school in Uganda are paid before the start of each term. Whether you choose to pay in one lump sum or on a term-by-term basis, is entirely up to you. We work with our parents to make the payment process as stress-free and convenient as possible.


    We rely on our tuition fees to fund the operating budget which provides your child with the resources they need to flourish. We hope you understand why prompt payment is important and thank you for your cooperation in ensuring fees are paid in advance of each term. This helps us offer all our students the very best education, opportunities and facilities.


    You may choose to pay your child's fees in full, up front, or to stagger payments throughout the academic year. If you choose to stagger your payments, please ensure this in agreement with the School Accounts team.

  • More than one child

    We would be delighted to welcome more of your children to the GEMS family.

        • 5% discount on the total annual tuition fee for the 2nd child
        • 10% discount on the total annual tuition fee for the 3rd child
        • 25% discount on the total annual tuition fee for the 4th child
        • 50% discount on the total annual tuition fee for the 5th child
  • Receiving invoice

    After a successful enrollment, our administrative team will send your tuition fee invoice to the address we have listed for you in our records. The invoice will be sent before the beginning of the academic year, unless alternative arrangements have been put in place.

  • Late payment

    If for any reason you feel you may not be able to complete a payment by the time it's due, it's essential you contact the school immediately to discuss and resolve the matter.
    We rely on the cooperation of parents and guardians to keep GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala, performing to the very highest standard. For this reason we must take late or failed payments seriously, to ensure the quality of education for all of our students.

    Should late payments become problematic they may result in:

    • Loss of the student’s place in the school
    • Withholding of their school reports, references, and/or examination results
    • Temporary or permanent expulsion or exclusion from school
  • Mid-term payment

    If your child is going to join our private school in Kampala part way through a term, we will calculate your fees accordingly. We will work out your rate based on how many full weeks are left in the term

  • Refund

    Tuition fees, after payment has been made, are non-refundable. There is one exception to this rule: If you have paid in advance for a full year but withdraw before the beginning of a term.


    If your child attends for any portion of a term, no refund will be possible.


    To apply for a refund, please submit a formal request in writing to our admissions office. Tuition refunds are provided to the original payee.


    Please note, the registration fee and admission fee are non-refundable.

  • Student withdraw

    All students withdrawing from the school must submit notification of their withdrawal in writing to the registrar's office.

    A 30 day notification period is required to ensure all the necessary documents are ready. 

  • How to pay

    We offer a range of helpful payment options
    We've worked hard to make the payment of school fees in Uganda as simple and convenient as it can be.

    After all, starting a new school is already stressful enough for families without unnecessary complications, so we hope you find the process quick and easy.


    To help you pay admission, enrolment and tuition fees on time, we're pleased to offer a range of payment options designed to suit families from all backgrounds.


    Payment can be made in US Dollars OR in Uganda Shillings at the market prevailing rate.
    Payment types

    You can pay your school fees and tuition directly into the GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala, bank account via:

      • Cheque
      • Wire bank transfer
      • Online Payment