Who we are

At our tranquil campus in Luzira, pupils aged 3-18 learn, grow and flourish.


We are driven by a singular purpose; to put a quality education within the reach of every student. For them, we are a window into a vibrant tomorrow - to their future, and their endless potential.


We teach the National Curriculum for England from Pre-Foundation Stage (age 2.5 years) to Year 13. But academic excellence at an international standard is just the start.


We are passionate about offering every student every possible chance to succeed and discover their talent. To do this, we provide a diverse range of learning, enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities appropriate to each student’s unique stage of development.


We are working to make sure every single pupil we teach benefits from an internationally respected education which gets them ready for their future in Uganda or abroad.


We would love to invite to you learn a little more about what makes us one of the best international schools in Kampala. Step inside to explore our facilities, discover amazing activities and find out just how much your child could achieve.