The Pearl of Uganda


Our Facilities

GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala is located in the pleasant lakeside residential area of Butabika; a suburb of the bustling city of Kampala that boasts a spacious, state-of-the-art 23st century learning environment, with well-equipped teaching facilities incorporating a roof top auditorium, Apple suite, Drama studio, science and computer labs, as well as extensive sports facilities, including tennis courts, full size football pitch, indoor sports hall, basketball court and an 8-lane swimming pool. The school also boasts of two purpose built Boarding Houses. Within this exceptional learning environment, we have a diverse student body with over 26 nationalities, a warm welcoming family spirit, where each and every learner fosters an ethos to aspire to be independent in their learning, embracing the opportunities and experiences facilitated by our team of highly qualified passionate educators.

Find us on Plot 102/104, Butabika road, next to the Royal Palms Estate. You can also contact us on or call +256 791 480063 for enquiries.

About Uganda

Uganda consists of a number of tribes, each having a unique culture. The Baganda being the initial occupants of Kampala region, Luganda is the most prevalent language within the Kampala area, despite the fact that English is Uganda’s official language. In addition to the ethnic groups, Uganda’s great diversity extends to religion as well. Christianity is widespread, with Islam being the second most reported religion.

Uganda is a diverse country, with many Ugandan’s practice Hindu, Sikh, Bahai and other traditional religions. It is renowned for its spectacular scenery, and exceptional variety of wildlife with over 1,100 species of birds, plus home to a various range of African wildlife.  In Uganda’s forests, we are proud of the unique climate and range of innate animals that include; mountain gorilla’s, chimpanzee troops and Tree climbing Lions. Uganda is truly unique.  Its ten national parks include habitats ranging from mountain, forest, to savannah regions and offer excellent hiking and boating opportunities as well as big game viewing.

Uganda’s climate is not uniform. Southern Uganda is wetter with rain generally spread through the year. At Butabika, most rain falls from March to June and between November and December. Uganda has got a number of lakes with Lake Victoria as the largest.

Entebbe Airport is Uganda’s main airport, approximately 90 minutes from GEMS Cambridge International School, Kampala. GEMS is located in the Butabika area of Kampala.