Learning isn't just about memorising the periodic table or learning your nine times table by rote. At GEMS there's a whole lot more to learning than that!

From extra-curricular activities which help our students explore their talents, to rigorous academic standards which give your child the educational foundations and qualifications they'll need to go even further – you'll find out all about our approach and curriculum in this section.

Our Academic stages
Secondary School
Primary School
Foundation Stage
Become the greatest version of you.
GEMS education prepares you completely.
We prepare the entire you — with rigorous faith-integrated academics. In every program, every step of the way, we train your mind and spirit to be ready for a life of impact.
Become broadly prepared
Sixth form

GEMS CIK aims to offer the premier sixth form education and experience in Uganda. The majority of students are expected to follow the Cambridge International A Level syllabus or the International Edexcel Syllabus. As part of a fully inclusive offer some students may elect to follow the BTEC qualification pathway.