In Primary French curriculum is aimed at equipping the learners with skills of language acquisition (speaking, reading, writing and listening) in French and to prepare them to explore the interrelationships between language, culture and society in a rather simple and interesting way.

The children have one hour of French per week. Learning is reinforced by a range of activities which include songs, skits, games, role plays and the use of technology.

In Year 1 and 2,

the children will be learning to talk about themselves. They will be able introduce themselves, recognise colours and body parts and counting in French. They will talk about seasons and be able to ask and answer questions about the weather at different times of the year, say how they feel and talk about clothes. They will learn vocabulary about animals and talk about pets; means of transport.


In Year 3 and 4

Children listen and join in with French songs and rhymes, learn or extend their knowledge of numbers to 30 and beyond, learn to use the possessive adjectives in simple sentences and use of various verbs the difference between the masculine and feminine is also emphasized at this level.

In Year 5 and 6

Children learn to follow classroom instructions in French, learn to talk about their family and say what the members of their families are called, names of pets and animals, learn adjectives to describe someone’s personality (male and female form), to describe themselves and other people’s physical appearance using adjective agreements (singular and plural) and to use the correct form of the verbs “avoir” and “être” when describing people.


The children in CIK love French and show excitement in every lesson.


 C’est fantastique!