Not only does Music help students do better in other subjects, it is Universal. Music gives us connections to others and to ourselves, helps us understand who we really are and shows us how to be ourselves in the world.

Music in our classroom includes a variety of music styles and genres from different places and times explored through performing, composing activities and active listening. Children get to explore world music, work together and create relationships with their peers, understanding different world views and how music connects us all. Children explore a wide variety of notations progressively including graphic and pitch notation and explore the basic elements of music like pitch, rhythm, duration, tempo, timbre texture and dynamics.

Through the choir and music lessons, children learn to use and develop their singing voices, use body percussion and learn to handle and play classroom instruments effectively. They create and compose music in small groups and on their own and learn to use music technology appropriately. Aside from having an hour of music class every week, the children also have 30 minutes every week for choir where they get to sing all sorts of songs including traditional, pop and our favorite; the short two and three part rounds. The children also enjoy singing songs together at the assemblies and I must add that they sound heavenly.

Key stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) children learn to use their voices expressively, sing and chant songs while exploring beat and rhythm. They play tuned and untuned instruments, listen to live Music and experiment with combinations of sounds and rhythms.

Key stage 2 (Year 3, 4, 5 and 6) children play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts. They listen with attention to detail, improvise and compose music for a range of purposes while using staff and other notations.

Outside the classroom, we run two choir clubs; the Choir EPA that is open to all primary students and the Expert Choir group whose entrance is on invite and audition basis. We also have the Primary Orff Ensemble group that is a mixture of Orff instruments (Xylophones, metallophones, recorders) and pianos, drums and guitars
Through our new relationship with the Kampala Music School, students can also learn how to play drums, piano, guitar and violin or take singing lessons with our team of excellent musicians and educators who come on a weekly basis. We are looking to grow this to include Brass and woodwind instruments by the end of the year.

The choir and ensemble are involved in all these fun activities and perform regularly and small in and out of school performances such as the Christmas Concert, Independence Day celebrations, summer show case and out of school performances like the International Schools’ Choir Festival. The department motto is ‘Achievement for All’ and all students are given the opportunities and encouraged to fulfil their own music potential here at GEMS CIK. I welcome you to our department and know your child will flourish in our creative learning environment.