We teach English to develop students’ skills in all of the main areas of reading, writing and speaking/ listening and, in particular, through encouraging independent thinking, creativity and analytical skills


Many different instructional techniques are used to enhance learning, such as independent, paired and group work along with whole class activities. Students will take part in many different types of task – these may include opportunities for individual and class reading, extended writing, focused reading tasks and skills-based activities and research, along with a wide range of speaking/listening activities.


In KS3 students will cultivate the knowledge, skills and abilities required to be successful at GCSE standard, where they complete their Cambridge Checkpoint examinations at the end of Year 9.


    • Key Stage 3 units involve study of class readers, short stories, poetry and the non-fiction. Writing tasks cover a full range and include stories, poems, play scripts, essays, media, work on literature and longer projects.
    • The importance of correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is emphasised throughout the course, as is promotion of reading independently; all students are encouraged to read widely and to include details of their reading on individual log sheets.


At KS4 English is a core IGCSE subject as students learn key communication and literacy skills important to life in whatever direction they choose.  Most students study English as a First language, with an option to study English Literature. 


    • The Cambridge IGCSE First Language English course allows learners to develop the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively when speaking and writing, as well as learn how to use a wide range of vocabulary, and the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • The Cambridge IGCSE English Literature course enables learners to read, interpret and evaluate texts.  They will therefore develop an understanding of literal meaning, relevant contexts and of the deeper themes or attitudes that may be expressed, encouraging the exploration and understanding of wider and universal issues.


As an International School, there is also an English as a Second Language program available, with some students choosing this option for their IGCSE. 

  • The Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language course develops the learners’ ability to use English effectively for the purpose of practical communication, with final examinations in reading, writing, speaking and listening.  This course also gives a solid foundation for the skills required for further study or employment using English as the medium.


Our Sixth Form offers Edexcel GCE English Literature.  This course is academically vigorous and equips learners with fundamental skills of analysis, interpretation, and essay writing that are beneficial to all areas of study.  Through this course the will explore poetry, prose and drama from different genres, cultures and eras.  They will engage critically and creatively with a substantial body of texts and ways of responding to them. 


Beyond the classroom the department offers a range of activities and events to compliment the English curriculum.  These include: schoolwide, national and international competitions; in-school reading programs; additional study sessions; and an annual Book Week celebration.