Food and Nutrition

We teach Food and Nutrition because….. it is a lifelong skill that encourages our students to engage in positive eating habits and prepares them not only for IGCSE/BTEC options, but also adult life beyond school and college. The ability to cook not only ensures that our students eat and prepare healthy food, but also opens up and encourages the social and family elements associated with the culinary arts.
“The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety and satisfaction. A person cooking is a person giving: Even the simplest food is a gift”. Laurie Colwin


In KS3 students study how to….become fully independent in the kitchen. We begin with a “license to cook” scheme of learning which raises awareness of health and safety, simple food preparation skills and how to correctly grip and use tools correctly. From this base, we develop core-cooking skills, investigate basic techniques and in the process, discover International cuisines and food cultures. The culmination of this body of work is to prepare our students for IGCSE/BTEC study. If our students choose not pursue the culinary arts in KS4 we ensure that they can “cook for life”.


At KS4 students study the Cambridge examination course, IGCSE Food and Nutrition. This course investigates food preparation skills, nutrition and health, food science, dietary requirements and advanced practical skills.  This is a challenging curriculum that not only prepares our students for future jobs in hospitality, food science and nutritional roles but also incorporates real-life technique and develops creative and critical thinking skills.


Our Sixth Form offers.. (no option in Food and Nutrition)
Beyond the classroom the department...We encourage our students to prepare dishes and cook meals at home to advance their education and individual skill sets. A “flipped” classroom environment is developed in class to allow students to self-learn and push individual techniques. We run an annual “Masterchef” competition, which has produced some stunning results and inspires our learners to dig deeper into the Culinary Arts. This is something that we hope to roll out with other schools in Kampala and our sister school in Nairobi.