Library Lessons

The school library at Gems is unique because it is one that has embraced the idea of a Modern Library Learning Environment (MLLE) where print resources such as books, serial publications and digital resources meet.

As a library we are determined to prepare our students for an unpredictable and fast changing world in terms of information.  The library houses over 3000 books and a number of computers, kindles and laptops.
The library lessons are designed to improve the literacy skills of our students that is reading and writing skills. Book reviews, research activities and silent reading are some of the activities that our students are involved in.


As a Librarian, I believe that reading physical books allows better concentration and taking hand written notes improves the understanding and retention of information the students are reading.

Having a Modern Library Learning environment dictates on the physical spaces of the library set up, the library space can be divided into three learning spaces;


  • Quiet space to reflect, read and study.
  • Collaboration space to discuss, brainstorm, share and tell stories
  • Presentation space to present share and celebrate

How does the library space at Gems Cambridge fit in an idea of a Modern Library Learning Environment?

  • It has a comfortable , vibrant and culturally inclusive environment
  • Large and flexible learning space to accommodate all teaching methods.
  • Access to all resources such as  books, serial publications, digital and multimedia


Finally we are a community library that serves the GEMS community that is all staff, students and our dear parents.