Sixth form

In addition to academic subjects, students attend regular higher education lectures from a unique array of guests. Students are further encouraged to participate in the sixth form’s student leadership programme and whole school enrichment programme. We believe such opportunities help to equip our students with the skills and attributes to be leaders and international citizens in a changing world.


We are a close family network at GEMS CIK. We have a large pastoral team to support all our students emotionally, logistically and in making the right choices for their future pathway. All students have at least 1-2-1 contact a tutor or advisor each week. As a part of the larger GEMS family we are lucky to benefit from a number of counselling and careers advice opportunities and are frequently visited by senior advisors and councilors from the GEMS network.


Sixth Form Facilities
Located in the heart of the school, the sixth form play an active role in all school activities and so have full access to all the wonderful facilities provided here at GEMS CIK. However we identify that sixth form studies are a unique opportunity to develop our individual learning habits and so the sixth form centre is for use exclusively by sixth formers and is fully furnished with a library, kitchen and a range of working environments to cater for all learning styles. These study areas include individual lap top work stations, group study tables, sofas and arm chairs, and creative arts stations.


A diverse range of scholarships are available for academically ambitious students wishing to fully contribute to the school and local community. Please get in touch to find out more.


What our students say
Sana in Upper Sixth writes: “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra you strive”. Sixth form at GEMS CIK has taught us to become more independent and self-determining. Being the first batch to graduate, leaves us with an extensive responsibility to set a standard for the juniors to follow. Our highly supportive teachers and mentors prepare us to become the future leaders.

Leaders who are authentic and are trusted because they are unwavering, especially when faced with the challenges of popular opinion. As a former student council representative, it is good to be sure of the ideals that got you elected are consistent throughout your career. GEMS CIK 6th form handles students as individuals by responding to their specific learning needs. They give considerable focus to character education and ethical leadership as primary areas to prepare us early for colleges and career life.

Apart from analytical and leadership skills in GEMS students, they are even recognized for their remarkable academics.


This is achieved through the world-class teachers and staff in this school. They motivate us to set goals and help us to strive them. Their unconditional support is always beneficial and something to look forward to. Our 6th form centre plays a very major part in our individual study and research which makes us very focused and helps us concentrate better. Open communication and consideration of all ideas fosters a creative and collaborative environment which is provided at GEMS 6th form.


Bazil in Lower Sixth writes: “The responsibility of taking care of our sixth form centre is a challenge that has to be taken up by all of us as a team. That is my favorite thing about our sixth form, the responsibility that it puts on our shoulders. Whether it be washing the dishes, stocking up on kitchen supplies, or watering the plants, each is a responsibility that has to discussed within our group and dealt with accordingly.

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