Care, guidance and support is a school strength

Pastoral Care

The pastoral support offered to students is exceptional, something all staff value and support. Our students are at the heart of our school, it is essential that their needs are met both academically and pastorally. Only then will students achieve and exceed their gaols.

GEMS CIK seeks to provide a quality British Education in a caring and individualised learning environment that is enhanced through a friendly and constructive partnership with parents. Our Heads of Year work closely with students to ensure great pastoral care.  We carefully monitor students progress and behaviours  children’s progress and ensure that students are appropriately set for challenging targets for learning. There is a strong emphasis on achievement and the celebration of success.

The feeling of family and care creates a special learning environment, one that nurtures and  enriches the learning opportunities, providing our students with a well-rounded education that builds confidence and self-discipline. Our child-centred approach develops the individual abilities of each child. Students are taught to think independently, to utilise their own initiative exploring learning opportunities. Through exploration., collaboration and innovation they flourish on their learning journey here at GEMS CIK.

Our students are equipped with all the skills required in a challenging and ever evolving world. Through our inspiring and vibrant curriculum design, all learners develop the essential Literacy and Numeracy skills, alongside a breadth of subjects that will extend their knowledge and understanding as well as their creativity. From this holistic curriculum that fosters international mindedness, supporting the acquisition of languages; enables students to become more culturally aware and to competently engage with a range of differing audiences in an increasingly globalised rapidly changing world.