Canteen 'Le Bistro'

At GEMS Cambridge International School Kampala, we know that growing bodies and hungry minds need the right fuel. Just like meals at home, we make sure that our well-stocked Le Bistro canteen offers healthy snacks, fresh juices, and a healthy, hearty lunch menu.


Our Boarding students are also well taken care of, providing buffet style meals so that they can help themselves as they wish.


Our food is prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients and our kitchen is staffed with professionally trained chefs who are passionate and committed to prepare delicious food for students. To ensure each serving meets our high standards, our school nurse and student representatives are on hand to help us design school canteen menus that are both nutritious and delicious.


For quick access to our canteen meals, below is our weekly-updated menu. Should you require further assistance or if your child has any special dietary needs, kindly contact Ronald Safari at +256 791 497 507 or